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"Do you promise to take care of me, always be there for me, and love me unconditionally? I will promise to love and admire you and always come when you call me. I will eat all my food and be cute all the time. I will let you brush my fur even when there are tangles and it hurts, I'll still purr for you. Will you promise to come visit me to play with me and feed me every day?"

Are you ready for virtual cat adoption?

Cyska Siberian virtual cats have needs just like real cats do. The cat you are about to adopt will fully depend on you as its primary caretaker to provide food, water, and plenty of love and attention throughout its lifetime. A healthy Cyska kitty eats one or two servings of dry food every day. It is important that you establish a fairly regular feeding schedule because without food and water, your cat cannot survive for more than seven (7) days. Fortunately, we have a very caring community here at Cyska Siberians, so you have the option to ask a friend to foster your cat if you can't access your account for any length of time.

Your cat will enjoy being petted and played with (you can tease it by wiggling your cursor near its feet), and will even perform tricks for you if you offer it a cat treat! Grooming is another facet of maintenance that should not be forgotten, as well, in order to keep your feline companion's fluffy coat in the finest condition. Additionally, we recommend that you have the Vet vaccinate your kitty for rabies and distemper, but this is only required if you wish to allow it to visit other cats to play or for breeding. As you bond, take note of your cat's unique personality that is based on its stats. It will not act the same as every other cat in the community.

After you've created your account, you will find that the very first feeding has already been done for you, but gradually over the course of several hours, the food in the dish will decrease as your cat eats. You should be sure to feed the next meal within 12 to 24 hours.

Are you ready to take on the rewarding responsibility of owning and caring for a real virtual cat? If so, make the promise!